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Let Mother Nature Run Wild

Letters to the Editor /Anchorage Press / November 12, 2004

It's about time that we as the people of the United States have caring and humane hearts to start speaking up to Governor Murkowski and the Department of Fish and Game on their so-called Wolf and Bear Control Program. I for one think it is atrocious, and I am ashamed of their arrogance. It is nothing more than pure simple murder of our wildlife. They have corroded our trust. I am not a hunter, but even some of your ethical hunters are disgusted in the way they have handled this lamentable liability. Your citizens have voted ìnoî on both issues, and yet your government still sees fit to justify it by using inhumane methods to slaughter our wolves and bears.

Where is the justice for our wildlife?

Human encroachment is gobbling up the last wild places worldwide. We must develop the will and knowledge to let big wildlife - bears, mountain lions, wolves, etc. - live among us, instead of banishing them to wildlife parks that hardly seem viable.

Why is it so necessary to kill our wildlife? Is it for the money, the fur and the joy of seeing something die? It is time to look into this matter and find the truth behind these sadistic morals. It is time to end the blood bath of our inhuman friends. Let them take care of the wilderness and let us take care of our cities.

Cynthia Minde  / Apache Junction, Arizona

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