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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / May 7, 2011


To the editor:

Ralph Seekins and Craig Compeau just emceed a rally here. The Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife (an Outside-based group), Don Young, Corey Rossi and other fanatic supporters of trophy hunting appeared. Lisa Murkowski spoke, never one to miss an opportunity to rail against the very government of which she is a part.

He ranted about the feds, but Compeau continues his lucrative federal contracts. They did everything but bring out violins and play “My Heart Bleeds for Thee.”

Amongst all the anti-fed rhetoric they omitted one thing: the truth.

You can always count on a good crowd when you start raving about the terrible feds. 

You can always get cheers of support describing them stepping all over Alaskans. 

I’m surprised Seekins and Compeau didn’t appear wrapped in the Alaska flag, carrying babies and Winchesters.

But they were careful to omit the incredible damage the SFW, Seekins (a one-term state senator), Compeau and Rossi have done selling out Alaska’s wildlife to the highest outside bidders.

Subsistence hunters? Seekins? Compeau? 

They wave that banner as much as possible, hoping no one thinks a moment about the true meaning of the concept.

But when any bills hit the Legislature that might benefit true Alaska subsistence hunters, they are there to fight them, desperate to prevail on behalf of their outside trophy-hunting friends. 

We can’t have some Bush family depriving Ted Nugent of his chance at a trophy moose, can we?

As for Corey Rossi, chief gopher-choker to the Lower 48, he’s never missed an opportunity to prove why Sarah “8-Shots” Palin created a special position for him in Fish and Game. 

There hasn’t been a moment he has forgotten his main responsibility to the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife.

Now that they have killed the best wildlife in the Lower 48, they need a little help doing the same to Alaska.

It’s a shame these folks are what the world sees as representing the average Alaska hunter.

They couldn’t possibly be further from that concept. Just as they couldn’t possibly be further from the truth.

Art Greenwalt, Fairbanks

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