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Game Board Voted on Bias, Not State's Conscience

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 21, 2010

On March 5, four Board of Game members voted against 500 petitioners and the park superintendent to eliminate the Denali Park buffer zones. They showed Alaskans who truly "runs the show" in regards to our wildlife.

These four (fortunately the Legislature later denied one, Al Barrette, a permanent seat) had such an agenda against wolves they felt free to vote their own vendettas. All that mattered were their biases, their extremism.

They are the BOG -- Gov. Parnell's BOG. As they have shown, we bow to their wishes.

No longer can Alaskans tell the world, "Leave us alone; we know best how to manage our wildlife." When we try, four people can do as they please with Alaska's wildlife.

And what did Sean Parnell do? Nothing. He danced to the tune of the Alaska Outdoor Council/Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife. That an unqualified Corey Rossi remains as the head of Wildlife Conservation shows Parnell's first loyalty is to the AOC/SFW.
The BOG as run by the AOC/SFW is now Alaska's death panel, courtesy of Sean Parnell.

-- Art Greenwalt,
Board Member, Alaska Wildlife Alliance



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