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Wolves Eat the Moose We Need

Wolves Eat the Moose We Need

I am writing about wolf control in the McGrath area because I am from McGrath. I think we have to keep the population of wolves down because they eat a lot of the moose in the area.

ometimes they eat only half of the moose and leave the rest to waste. Some moose are alive and half eaten, and they suffer until they die. This makes me mad, really mad, because my family lives off moose meat.

Wolf control was made to bring up the moose population in the McGrath area for people who live off the moose meat, not for the trophy hunters.

Wolves could also hurt people if they get too comfortable coming into town. My dad and I trapped a wolf that was only about a mile from our house. It could have hurt me and my brothers.
I am thankful they did wolf control in McGrath because our moose population is coming back and no one has gotten hurt by a wolf.

-- Derek Gates-Magnuson, fifth grader, Inlet View Elementary


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