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Palin on Discovery?  That's Obscene...

Defenders of Wildlife / Eye on Palin / April 8, 2010

Eye On Palin - Her Anti-Wolf, Anti-Wildlife Agenda






Discovery: Pull the Plug on Palin’s New Show
 Pull the Plug on Palin's Show (0210 Ad)
With your help, we can put hard-hitting ads like this in s outside Discovery’s corporate headquarters.
Yes! I want to help convince Discovery to cancel Sarah Palin’s new show and help save wolves and other imperiled animals...

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Help Put Up Ads to Stop Palin's show

Discovery Communications has just re-defined obscenity on television: Sarah Palin as a spokesperson for Alaska’s wildlife.
As governor of Alaska, Palin turned the call of the wild into a cry for help. Now Discovery is giving her a chance to re-write history and rake in millions of dollars as host of Sarah Palin’s Alaska…even as wolves, polar bears and other Alaska wildlife continue to pay a heavy price for her anti-wildlife policies.      

Help us say “no thanks…” to Sarah Palin’s new show on Discovery’s The Learning Channel. Please donate now to help us blanket the area outside Discovery’s headquarters with hard-hitting ads.

More than 177,000 concerned people like you have already called on Discovery Communications to drop Palin’s misleading new show. Our efforts have been featured on The Huffington Post and other media outlets across the country.  

So far Discovery Communications -- the same company that airs Animal Planet -- remains committed to airing Palin’s new show. But that could change.

Now we’re taking our message to the streets, letting the management, employees, advertisers -- and even the shareholders -- of Discovery Communications know that we mean business with a powerful new ad campaign right outside their front door.

Please make a contribution of $20 (one part of an ad), $100 (five parts of an ad) or even $1,000 (an entire ad) to help us put up our hard hitting new ads around Discovery Communications' world headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland and fight to save the lives of wolves, polar bears and other imperiled wildlife.

You and I know that the real Sarah Palin’s Alaska isn’t a nature documentary – it’s a horror show.

Sarah Palin oversaw a campaign of cruel and unscientific aerial wolf killing that exterminated hundreds of wolves. She’s argued for destructive drilling in vital polar bear habitat – drilling that could cause threatened polar bear mothers to abandon their cubs – and against decisive action to address climate change that could doom millions of species to extinction.

Please convince Discovery to pull the plug on Sarah Palin’s new show. Chip in today to help get our ads on the streets, in the subway and in front of employees, advertisers and shareholders that the company will listen to.

For the Wild Ones,

Rodger Schlickeisen

Rodger Schlickeisen, President Signature
Rodger Schlickeisen
Defenders of Wildlife

P.S. Unless we turn up the volume right now, Palin’s show will air – giving the world’s most notorious proponent of cruel, unfounded and unscientific aerial wolf and bear killing a gigantic megaphone to re-write her bloody record of mismanaging some of the world’s most important wildlife.

Please make a secure donation online to help pay for our new ads
, or call 1-800-385-9712 to contribute by phone.






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