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Legislature Took a Step Toward Managing Wildlife for All Alaskans

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 14, 2010


Our Legislature just took the first step in returning ownership of Alaska's wildlife to all Alaskans, denying another extremist (he's proud to hold the first aerial hunting permit) Board of Game membership.

Legislators opposing Al Barrette cited his statements, votes demonstrating he represents mainly the Alaska Outdoor Council/Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife view. In their efforts to hijack our wildlife management even true subsistence users are second-class citizens, something many such hunters noted in opposing Barrette.

Our state constitution mandates Alaska's wildlife shall be managed for all Alaskans. Leatherstocking or little granny, each has equal say.

Hopefully the governor will consider the state constitution instead of picking only from the approved AOC/SFW list. Many hunters and trappers opposed Mr. Barrette, as well as regular citizens disenfranchised by his views, biologists, subsistence hunters feeling he was wrong for the job. Against this diversity stood the discriminatory AOC/SFW.

Alaskans spoke. Loudly. Clearly. The Legislature listened. All great journeys begin with a first step.

-- Art Greenwalt
Board Member, Alaska Wildlife Alliance
Fairbanks AK

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