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Rossi Brings Common Sense to Fish & Game

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 15, 2010

I would like to say that I fully support the efforts, knowledge and professionalism of Corey Rossi.

It is about time the Department of Fish & Feathers gets someone in charge who knows what they are doing.

Granted he is not an overeducated pinhead who stays in the lab all day. He is a man who actually traps, hunts and gets out and does things in the state.

His common sense approach (which is unusual) for a state employee will greatly enhance the Fish & Game department.
Keep up the good work, Corey; we in the Valley who know you and have worked with you are 100 percent behind you.

Why is it that the ones who are complaining had a chance to improve the wild game in this state and all we ever received is less and less. Fewer animals to hunt, more regulations so we cannot hunt, less area to hunt.

Common sense is now in charge.

-- Kirk Brown


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