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Letter to the Editor / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / 3-28-10

To the editor:

I was glad to see the letter from former biologists in opposition to Corey Rossi’s appointment as state wildlife director. The increasing influence of “abundance management” for maximum production of wild game meat is a big concern for many of us Alaskans, not just animal rights groups.

One of the reasons many of us Alaskans choose to live here is because Alaska has vast, wild landscapes with relatively natural wildlife populations. The idea that we should artificially manipulate our wildlife populations, unnecessarily, is not only bad management but a waste of money. Take for example the wolf control measures that are costing exorbitant sums of money and not having significant affects except to increase wolf reproductive rates, increase immigration of wolves from adjacent areas and draining Department of Fish and Game of funds that could be better utilized elsewhere.

The likes of Rossi are hastening the day when Alaska will be yet another Lower 48 state, exploited, roaded, developed, polluted and unfit to live in.

by Ronald Yarnell, Fairbanks

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