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Reject Board of Game Appointee

Letters / Juneau Empire / March 29, 2010

Gov. Sean Parnell's recent appointee to the Board of Game, Al Barrette, has a conflict of interest that is cause for denial of his confirmation.

The Board of Game makes allocative and regulatory decisions regarding Alaska's Wildlife. According to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Web site, Barrette owns the Fairbanks Fur Tannery and the Alaskan No. 9 Trap Company. The biography goes on to say that "In '06. Al received the FIRST (emphasis mine) gunner's permit in the newest predator management program."

In an interview with Backpacker Magazine, Barrette stated, "it specifically puts out in the first book of the Bible, in Genesis, that we should, uh, subdue nature and control it." I find it unlikely that Barrette will make objective, biology- based decisions about predator control regulations.

I am not surprised by Barrette's appointment - it's in step with Fish and Game's increasingly aggressive predator control activity, which includes the snaring of bears, expanded aerial shooting of wolves, killing pups in their dens, the recent killing of collared research wolves and the removal of wolf hunting/trapping buffer zones around Denali National Park. Many biologists would say we have returned to the Dark Ages.

Alaska's wildlife belongs to all Alaskans, not just those who view the resource simply as game. The Board of Game is currently heavily biased toward sports hunting, and does not represent Alaskans who want a more balanced approach to wildlife management.

If you want better representation on the Board of Game, and not an overly zealous predator control advocate, urge your legislators to deny Al Barrette's confirmation.

Vic Walker


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