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Larsen Should be Commended for His Work at ADF&G

Letters  / Juneau Empire / March 23, 2010

Doug Larsen deserves appreciation for a job well done as director of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Wildlife Conservation Division. I've dealt with Larsen in both his role as Southeast regional supervisor for the division and his capacity as division director. HE has impressed me with his friendliness, professionalism, conscientiousness and willingness to listen.

A number of years ago, ADF&G changed the name of Larsen's unit from Division of Game to the Division of Wildlife Conservation. The name change signaled what many hoped would be an evolution of collective Alaskan thought in the management of wildlife and the balancing of wildlife uses, both consumptive and non-consumptive. Larsen has put a face to that evolution of thought and has lived up to what the name of his division suggests. Some of us even hoped, perhaps naively, that we'd someday see an Alaska Department of Fish and Wildlife.

As both an ADF&G retiree and a user of Alaska's wildlife, I regret seeing Larsen leave the division director slot but am pleased that he will continue to be available as Southeast regional supervisor of the Wildlife Conservation Division. Thank you, Doug!

Bruce Baker
Juneau AK


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