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Attention Juneau Mudflatters!

Managing Wildlife in Alaska:  Predators, Prey & Politics

The Mudflats / Alaska Wildlife Alliance / March 17, 2010


Photo by Florian Schultz


17 03 2010

OK, Juneau… Are you ready to rally?

Remember how much fun you had last fall standing in the rain with your fellow rational humans protesting the nomination of Sarah Palin to become our Vice President?  The surest cure for frustration is to get out and do something, so here’s your chance to howl a bit and protest Alaska’s newly enacted extreme predator control practices.  Things are changing fast, and we MUST take action.

The world’s eyes turned to Juneau, as Alaska’s capital last fall when people wanted to know how Alaskans were feeling about Sarah Palin.  The extreme practices, and unqualified people who are being put on boards and commissions with a specific narrow agenda mean that all eyes will once again be on Juneau. 

lready there are organizations in the Lower 48 who are organizing boycotts for Alaska travel.  We cannot afford that, and we can’t afford politicians who cannot understand this, or who simply do not care.  Alaska is more than what you can kill and eat, or kill and hang on your wall.  We need balance, and we do not have it.

So it’s up to you again Juneau-ites.  What you do has an impact far beyond what happens anywhere else.  Do us proud.  Make signs, take pictures and stand up.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance is hosting an event and rally that looks like it’s going to be really amazing.  Here are the details, and as always, photos and write-ups of the event are welcome from boots on the ground!

Managing Wildlife in Alaska:  Predators, Prey & Politics

THE EVENT: Hosted by Dr. Alex Simon, Professor of Sociology at UAS Friday, March 26, 7:00 pm, Juneau Arts & Humanities Center
Talk and slide show by Nick Jans: Alaska’s Wolves: The Essence of Wilderness Presentation by Greg Brown: Want to Run a Billion Dollar Business? Look at Wildlife! Additional presentations by Vic Van Ballenberghe and John Toppenberg

Come early for book signings by Nick Jans, Vic Van Ballenberghe, Mary Willson, and Bob Armstrong, including the release of Bob’s new book Photographing Nature in Alaska, and a wildlife slide show by Jos Bakker.

Premiere event to view a Tongass Partners Documentary Trailer Alaska’s Tongass Rainforest. This film will immerse you in the cultural and ecological issues surrounding the Tongass.
Be a part of a living solution – Come see our presentation: Introduced via tape by the International Spokesperson – Jim Fowler … and meet Naturalist/Film Maker/Author Jim Valentine
Hollis French, state senator and Democratic candidate for Governor, will be making a special appearance at both the Event and the Rally.

THE RALLY: Saturday, March 27, noon in front of the Capitol

Free hot dogs for the first 100 people!

Masks, costumes, and signs are encouraged!

Door prizes!

Singing with Juneau’s own Kit Petersen!

Blessing of the Animals by Reverend Kim Poole of Northern Light United Church

Speakers include Joel Bennett, Greg Brown, Andrea Doll, Alex Simon, John Toppenberg, Vic Van Ballenberghe, Rep. Beth Kerttula, and Sen. Hollis French
For more information: info@akwildlife.org or call Tina at 523-5402.

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

All contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Alaska Wildlife Alliance: www.akwildlife.org


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