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Worse Than Wolves

Rudy Wittshirk / Alaska Voices / Anchorage Daily News / March 17, 2010

After reading Associated Press reporter Mary Pemberton's article on the appointment of Corey Rossi as commissioner of wildlife (ADN, March 13), I had to ask, "What ever became of nonbiased reporting?" I am not familiar with the term "extremist hunter." Is that someone who hunts extremists?

She quotes John Toppenberg of the Alaska Wildlife Alliance but does not label his organization as extremist even though it advocates for wolves over baby moose and caribou that wolves eat like popcorn in the spring.

She lets Toppenberg accuse Rossi of a narrow-minded philosophy of game management. That's the same philosophy required by the state constitution, so I guess the whole state is narrow-minded.

She lets Toppenberg say that Rossi favors massive reductions in predators to enhance moose and caribou numbers. Massive? Less than 10 percent of wolves and less than 5 percent of bears is massive? Eighty percent of newborn moose calves eaten by predators is massive. Why is a management philosophy to increase their numbers anti-viewer?

Mary, let's keep your personal prejudice out of the news.

-- Bob Bell



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