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Human Control Equally Important in Wildlife Population Issue

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 19, 2010

Bob Bell's March 18 letter ("Reporter let bias show") reads like classic Alaskan denial. With a narrow interpretation of the Constitution, perhaps we should fault the interpreter.

While supporting Mr. Bell's comments to keep personal prejudice out of the news, I also hope that our next governor will have the backbone to remove the personal prejudice which is infiltrating Fish and Game management, to the detriment of our hunting and fishing culture.

Abundance for consumptive users is just one guiding principle, not the only one.

When folks say their philosophy is about putting meat in the freezer, they mean it. I wish they would focus a bit more on keeping meat on the hoof for future generations as well. I avidly support sound predator control, but those who constantly beg the nanny-state to do it for them have lost my respect.

Wise predator control is one implement in the wildlife management toolbox, no doubt about it. Unfortunately the Sportsmen for Fish and Wildlife group seems unable to acknowledge that controlling human predators is equally important.

-- A.T. Weaver


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