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Wolves Belong to Alaskans

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 15, 2010


Nina Faust's letter "Game board should revisit having park buffer for wolves" (March 12) said: "This adversarial attitude against federal management is not productive for making decisions that best serve wildlife and the public interests."

The park is composed of 325,240 acres, about half the size of Rhode Island. If the wolves can't survive there, it's too bad.
Second, the trappers are Alaskans who live here and in my opinion deserve to benefit from wolves more than Outsiders or somebody who has romantic notions of them. Trapping is not easy work and wolves are not stupid. Most survive.

Personally, I couldn't care less if tourists see a wolf or if another tourist sets foot here again. They crowd up places during summer. Much of tourism's benefits go to Outside corporations anyway. Outsiders too often use our state as a cash cow or their personal zoo. A wealthy non-resident hunter considers a $20,000 bear or a $10,000 moose hunt as chump change. We're not a colony. We're a sovereign state and Alaskans come first.

-- William Ahrens
Eagle River AK


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