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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 16, 2010

To the editor:

I compliment the Board of Game during their 10-day meeting in Fairbanks and their ability to stand up for Alaska against Outside interests and further encroachment attempts on state lands. 

The repeal of the buffer zone and the denial of the proposal for a three-day requirement to check traps is highly commendable.

Boundaries are boundaries, and there was not one good piece of evidence to show that the wolf pack that roams outside the park boundaries would be in jeopardy of reduction enough to significantly impact viewing opportunities of visiting tourists.

It would have been a tragedy to Alaskans for the board to give away state land without justifiable cause. The buffer zone was a steppingstone for animal rights activists to try to whittle away at our wildlife management. I am proud of the board for having backbone and not giving even one inch of the precious land we have left. 

by Tracy Morphis / Fairbanks

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