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Skinning the Truth

Shannyn Moore / March 10, 2010


Wolves have been in news lately. In today’s Anchorage Daily News, there is speculation that a wolf might have killed a young teacher in Chignik. Last week, the Alaska Board of Game voted 4-3 to eliminate the buffer zone around Denali National Park despite the wolf population plummeting to a 23 year low. Late biologist Gordon Haber fought to his early death to protect those wolves. Governor Sean Parnell appointed Al Barrette to replace Bob Bell on the Alaska Board of Game.

Who is Al Barrette? Mudflats wrote a great post that you can find here. Barrette, who has an obvious and unambiguous conflict of interest, cast the deciding vote to open up the northeast periphery of the Denali National Park to wolf trapping. Barrette owns both the Fairbanks Fur Tannery and Alaskan No. 9 Trap Company.  The latter manufactures the Alaska Wolf Trap.  Apparently, Mr. Barrette didn’t think he had a conflict of interest-despite casting a public vote to bolster his personal bottom line.
There is much we don’t know about Governor Sean Parnell’s ethically-challenged appointee to the Alaska Board of Game. I think Al Barrette best reveals Al Barrette in this short video shot by Backpacker Magazine a little over a year ago.  At that time, Barrette was on the Fairbanks Advisory Council to the Alaska Board of Game.

I’m Just a Girl from Homer, and I grew up trapping animals with my father.  That said, this video disturbed me.  If you feel like you can’t watch it, at least LISTEN to it.  Listen to Al Barrette wax poetic about his philosophy on religion, science and wolves…


Alaska Board of Game - Why Aerial Wolf Hunting is OK





Al Barrette still must be confirmed by the legislature.  Find your legislators and tell them to reject Al Barrette for the Alaska Board of Game.  Contact your state senator. and representative.
Email Governor Sean Parnell or call him at 907.465.3500 tell him to withdraw his conflicted nominee from consideration.

Email the State of Alaska Boards and Commissions at boards@alaska.gov or call them 907.465.3934 and express yourself.



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