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Rumors Abound that Wolves Killed Village Teacher

by KTUU-TV Channel 2 News Staff
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- Alaska State Troopers are investigating a death in the village of Chignik Lake, but neither troopers nor the Department of Fish and Game could confirm multiple reports from people in the area that the deceased was killed by wolves.
However, Bristol Bay Borough Mayor Dan O'Hara says a group of young men who came across the body believed wolves were responsible for the death.

The men were coming back to the village after gathering clams, and a wolf also stalked one of them, O'Hara said.

The victim, Candice Berner, was in her 30s and worked for Lake and Peninsula School District, the district's chief operating officer Rick Luthi said. Berner, originally from Pennsylvania, started working for the school district in August, Luthi said.

The Department of Fish and Game is aware of the rumors, department spokesperson Bruce Bartley said. Still, it was unclear whether their biologists were involved in the investigation.
Rick Sinnott, an Anchorage-based Fish and Game biologist, says he has never heard of a healthy wolf attacking and killing a person in Alaska, though it's possible rabid wolves have done so.
There have been reports of wolves biting people, Sinnott said.

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