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Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 10, 2010

If a wolf is a "mangy" dog, according to Cliff Judkins, chairman of the Alaska Board of Game, not worthy of protection or thought, then what is a lynx? A "scrappy" cat? I am an Alaska resident who believes that the park and wildlife belongs to all, which includes the wildlife existing there. I also believe the park is a "national, if not international treasure," so therefore it is up to people to protect.

I am disappointed by the 4-3 vote against the buffer zone. The board should be composed of individuals with the ability to make conscientious human decisions for living beings unable and unaware of tending to their own welfare or defense, such as in the case of the current wolf wars taking place.

Politics that decided on a "buffer zone" were on the right track, the vote to take it away is wrong. Indeed, do we need politics to make the right decision, or just compassionate, thoughtful human intelligence?

-- Christine Zelinsky
Anchorage AK

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