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A Few Trappers Favored Over Rest of Alaskans and Tourists

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 10, 2010

It was reported last week that the Alaska Board of Game decided to open the buffer zones to the north of Denali National Park to wolf trapping. This is in spite of wide Alaska and local support for maintaining and even increasing protection for Denali's wolves.

Apparently, the desires of three or four recreational trappers outweigh the desires of thousands of Alaskans and hundreds of thousands of visitors who annually visit Denali. This decision, along with many other decisions by the hunter/trapper -- dominated Board of Game, flies in the face of what is stated in the Alaska Constitution that wildlife belongs to all Alaskans, not just to hunters/trappers.

Perhaps now is the time for the Alaska tourism industry such as Princess, Aramark, Holland America and many other local businesses in Glitter Gulch to re-evaluate and consider canceling their advertising/promotion of these same area trappers' tourism related businesses.

The targeting of tourists in the summer and then the targeting of the animals they wish to see in the winter is blatantly hypocritical and is ethically and biologically destructive to Denali.

-- Bill Watkins
Homer AK

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