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Testimony from 'Friends of Animals' before Alaska’s Board of Game in Favor of Proposal 58

 Expanding the Buffer Zone to Protect Denali’s Wolves

Priscilla Feral / Friends of Animals / March 6, 2010

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Here's my testimony before the Board of Game meeting on Feb 26, 2010.  What a horror show that the Board with a 4-3 vote, just decided to ELIMINATE the protective buffer zone around Denali which helped to protect wolves in the winter on their extraterritorial forays across the northeast and eastern Park boundaries. 

Who were our 3 votes as 6 out of 7 of these Murkowski and Palin-appointed members are hunters, trappers, or have family who trap.  The Board of Game meeting might as well have been an NRA meeting.

What a disgrace. And if the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service hadn't showed up to explain that Denali is federal land, and not under control of the Board of Game, the BoG was proposing wolf control on Denali's land!  Insanity.

The Dark Ages are back; time to sound off and send Parnell's regime packing -- to usher in a new, fair-minded administration with decent influence over Alaska's bureaucrats who make policies that treat wolves, bears and other free-living animals with contempt.

Priscilla Feral
Friends of Animals

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