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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / February 16, 2010


To the editor:

Has Art Greenwalt lost it? I just read Greenwalt’s Feb. 6 diatribe railing against Craig Compeau, Ralph Seekins, Scott Ogan and the Sportsmen for Wildlife group. Compeau was promoting that the state, rather than the feds, regulate the predator control programs the 10 regional advisory councils recently requested of Pat Pourchot in his subsistence review. Greenwalt doesn’t want anything killed, anytime, for any reason, it seems. 

He wrote the entire 357-word letter, just seven more than the limit, without once bashing the Alaska Outdoor Council. How did he do that? He knows the AOC promotes hunting, fishing, trapping and all methods of outdoor access. Usually he just drools hatred for the AOC. But, this time he didn’t. Maybe he has lost it. Or, maybe the News-Miner needed to let him go further over the word limit so that he could include the AOC in his bashing in order to make his day complete. 

Rick Schikora, Fairbanks

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