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Outside Hunters Push Out Alaskans

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / November 21, 2009

Alaska hunters used to have abundant wild game. Over the years, an industry has developed around hunters from Outside taking game that used to be for Alaska residents.

Alaskan hunters depend on game for subsistence. Today they hunt in an environment crowded with competition. Their supposed representatives such as the Alaska Outdoor Council claim to represent them but actually speak for the hordes of Outside hunters that invade our state and compete with Alaskans.

The constitution requires Fish and Game manage game for the benefit of Alaskans, not Outside hunters!

We need to establish a system where game management is based on an Alaskan First Priority. Only in situations where total elimination of Outside hunting was eliminated and game populations were not sufficient for Alaskans should other predator control measures be considered.

-- Douglas Donegan

Anchorage AK


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