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Wolves: Superior Beings Should Love, Protect

Letters / The Missoulian / September 9, 2009

I have been seeing a lot on the wolf issue in Montana. One of the things I see really puzzles me. A lot of the anti-wolf people are saying we should alleviate the wolves because God gave us dominion over the Earth. Do they truly believe that God gave us dominion so we could destroy what he created? Do they, in their "wisdom," believe they know more about the world He created than He does?

I believe God made us the superior beings of the world so we could love and protect this wonderful world He created. We should use our "intelligence" and "superiority" to figure ways to live together in peace and harmony, as He intended. This world was created in perfect balance. Who are we to change the way God intended? If we throw off the balance, all will suffer.

You think wolves cause problems, let's throw off the balance, and watch what happens. So, then will our answer be to eliminate those problems? When does it stop? When everything on this planet is destroyed? Will they be happy then, when people are the only living beings on this planet? Why do we have to, as the "superior," feel like we have to change God's perfection? He created the world the way He did for a reason. It is in perfect balance. Leave it alone!

Vickie Swatski,


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