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And They Call Wolves Savage Killers....

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 10, 2009

And they call wolves savage killers....

But...Craig Compeau and Ralph Seekins and Scott Ogan have to have their trophies lest their families starve to death so I guess anything goes, now. I would imagine next BOG meeting they'll approve the use of napalm.

What I find interesting about this new website is it's counter. Fish and Game can't begin to tell you how many moose or caribou are killed by wolves but these "sportsmen" know it to the individual animal.


There's no science behind this; just blind, bloody slaughter. Seems to me there is a provision in the law giving Alaska, as a state, management authority over it wildlife that allows that authority to be rescinded and returned back to federal hands under certain circumstances. Maybe it's time to pursue that since we seem to be devolving into a state that gases pups in their dens, uses helicopters for hunting, and allows snaring bears. Such an enlightened bunch.... And don't give me that bs about how the poor natives are starving. If the BOG would give a rural preference for hunting then the folks living in the bush wouldn't have to compete with the Compeau's, Seekins', and such who come roaring in on their $20k riverboats, unload their ATV's, and charge off in such a sporting fashion.

Dobieman / Fairbanks AK

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