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Main Problem for Wildlife is People

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / February 26, 2009

The war rages over whether we should kill the wolves and bears or just let them live in peace with the respect that they deserve. This situation is all too similar to the controversy that surrounded Maggie the elephant. Lies in favor of the "status quo" prevailed so long that Maggie barely had adequate health to survive her liberation to a new home. While rural Alaskans tell us they need to kill wild predators in order to have enough meat for themselves, it is important to remember the big caribou slaughter last spring near Point Hope. Over 100 caribou were killed and left to rot, while the calves were left to starve to death because their mothers were dead.

People there didn't even care enough to pursue the killers or find out who did this terrible thing. The point here is to highlight the fact that if there is indeed a shortage of meat for humans because of wild predators, why was all that food source from the caribou left to go to such devastating waste?

The truth is that humans are the real predators out there who cause an imbalance. When will this truth prevail?

-- Diane Raynor

Anchorage AK

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