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Help the McNeil Bear Sanctuary off linmits to hunting

Alaska Department of Fish & Game is Proposing an All Out War on Wildlife Diversity

Alaska Wildlife Alliance / February 26, 2009


We Need Your Testimony Before the Board of Game to Prevent this Outrage!

Any question about whether science or politics is the prime motivator behind the ADF&G predator control programs has been answered.

Submitted at the last minute for BOG approval is a predator elimination laundry list that is simply all out war on wolves and bears.

Proposals include:
• Greatly expanded use of choppers for both private citizens and ADF&G personnel to eliminate "any persistent," "important," or "key" wolf packs that survived the massive airborne assault already authorized.
• Authorizing out of state hunters to help return Alaska to the pre statehood all out war on wolves and bears.
• Authorizing the killing of black bear cubs and mothers through the summer months without limit.
• Authorize foot hold traps for the taking of bears.
• Many more market type hunting methods that meet no accepted standards for the scientific management of wildlife.

These attempts to eliminate diversity from many of Alaska's wildlife havens and convert many of America's last great intact ecosystems to regions of artificial abundance are an outrage!
Please testify tomorrow or Saturday and let the all hunter Board of Game know how you feel about this last minute assault on diversity!

All Alaska Wildlife Alliance members and allies can testify at the Alaska Board of Game meeting on Friday or Saturday, February 27th or 28th.  Sign up begins at 8:30 AM on both days.

The meeting will be held at the Dena'ina Civic & Convention Center, 600 W 7th Ave in Anchorage

For a recorded message on the daily agenda, call 1-800-764-8901

During the eleven day meeting, the Board will deliberate nearly 250 proposals. Below we have summarized the most pertinent proposals and our position on each.
For a detailed review of all proposals the Board will consider, download the Spring 2009, Southcentral Proposal Book.

OPPOSE (190) Among other intensive management options in this proposal, ADF&G is asking for the option of using poisonous carbon monoxide cartridges to kill wolf pups in their dens. AWA has always aggresively opposed killing wolf pups in their dens and will continue to do so.

(192) This proposal expands the regulations governing aerial slaughter of wolves with helicopters and using helicopters for same-day hunting of bears.

(168)  This proposal would authorize for the first time non-resident hunters to participate in predator control program for black bears. The proposal includes provisions for unlimited harvest and authorizes the sale of hides.

(166,171,190)  Several proposals address the use of snares to torture and maim brown bears, including sows and their cubs. A snare indiscriminately kills any animal caught, including the moose and caribou that these proposals are trying to benefit by the snaring of brown bears.
(239) This proposal by ADF&G would create a new predator control area near Anvik to kill up to 80% of the wolves there.

All of the above proposals are scientifically and ethically challenged, at best. They are among the egregious examples that Governor Sarah Palin's extremist all hunter Board of Game could conceivably adopt.

SUPPORT (113)  Alaska Wildlife Alliance drafted this important proposal to establish an experimental control area in Subunit 13A where wolf populations would not be reduced by private pilots permitted to take wolves with aircraft. The wolf control program in Unit 13 is now in its 6th year. Considering that the entire wolf control program did not have a control area where wolf populations were not reduced it is impossible to determine whether or not reducing wolves resulted in increased moose numbers. If an increase in moose occurs it therefore becomes impossible to determine what caused the increase.

Variables including bear predation, winter severity, hunting, and habitat quality are well known to affect moose in this area. Therefore, we cannot conclude that wolf control was the only reason for the increase.

(24-28) These proposals would ban the trapping of wolverines in Chugach State Park.

Continued trapping would decimate the already small and elusive wolverine population. Thousands of residents and visitors enjoy the Park's many multi-use trails year-round, and traps set adjacent to those trails are a grave danger to people and their pets. It is time for the Board to acknowledge that trapping is not appropriate in a heavily used recreation area such as CSP.

Note that Proposal (25) would ban the trapping of coyotes, as well as wolverines, in the Park.

(22) This proposal would ban lynx trapping in Chugach State Park, and we support it for the same reason as proposals (24-28): trapping is incompatible with recreational uses of the Park and endangers people and their pets.

Please forward this e-mail to those you know who might be interested.
Thank you for speaking out in support of Alaska's wildlife,

John Toppenberg


Alaska Wildlife Alliance

PO Box 202022
Anchorage, AK 99520-2022



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