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Judd - Palin Cat Fight on Wolves Heats Up on Larry King Show

Larry King Show / February 6, 2009

Ashley Judd went on Larry King on Friday night to defend the wolves from the practice of aerial killing in Alaska. She objects to Governor Sarah Palin's support of that practice. She and Palin are in a virtual hair-pulling debate about wolves.

What Judd objects to is having people out of the State of Alaska killing wolves for sport. The goal Palin has set is to kill up to 80% of the wolves in some areas. It is legal because this is the Governor's "pet" project. The people have voted on separate ballots not to do it, but Palin gets the practice of aerial killing reinstated, then uses taxpayers money to do it, Judd claims. She was supported in these statements by Rodger Schlickeisen, President of the Defenders of Wildife.

Larry King said he had asked Palin to defend herself, and she did not respond. Palin did send a letter out on Wednesday who talked about the wolves decimating wildlife.

Judd underlined her belief and that of the Wildlife Defenders that how a people treat animals shows how people treat animals shows the nature of society. She also said that it is a distortion to say that the Native Americans need to have the wolves decimated . Instead, Judd said, Palin really wants the extra revenue brought in by the hunters who come into Alaska to shoot the wolves for sport.

We can care about multiple things at once in an economy, that include both the environment and the energy crisis, we can fight about pollution and human rights, Judd underlined. She then reviewed how caring for people and taking care of the economy can both be done. Her husband is a helicopter pilot and started looking at the Defenders website and started giving to the organization. She liked the fact that they were exposing what Palin was doing with respect to the wildlife. She did the polar bear ad in support of them, then followed up with the ad about saving the wolves.

Schlickeisen and Judd affirmed that it was the nature of the killing that they were concerned about. They also reminded King's listeners that scientists have objected to it. They suggested that CNN be invited by Palin to go up and see what Palin proudly defends. Judd said they might want to wait until Palin expands the practice to some other species as well.

Rod Arno, Executive Director of the Alaska Outdoor Council, on the King show said that the program of aerial killing of wolvesis really a control program. The skins are sold at a state auction. People have to have permits and can't be out of state, he says. Schlickeisen said that Alaska is not unique and continued to talk about the scientists that are concerned about this program as well as the mammalian groups. He reminded Arno that their program is not backed up by science. Arno declared that their program is supported by science and that the information is available online. His refutation of Schlickeisen was that the scientists who don't like the program are outside of Alaska and don't know the issues.

The discussions ended with the statement from King that there would be further conversations about the killing of wolves on his program in the future.

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