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Palin Opposed Important Alaskan Initiatives

Letters / The Capital Times / September 28, 2008


Dear Editor: Many Alaskans, including myself, support the Obama/Biden team as being best for Alaska, the nation and the world. At this critical time in our history, we need responsible leadership that will stabilize our economy, commit to a more diverse and smarter energy policy that will create jobs, and bring ethics and honesty back into our government.

Sarah Palin is not "the reformer" she purports to be. In the last election, she opposed the citizen initiatives for clean elections, clean water and the banning of aerial hunting of wolves, bears and wolverines. Furthermore, the Palin/Parnell administration manipulated the wording of the initiatives on the ballot so they were worded deceptively. This is not my definition of ethics in government. McCain made a reckless choice which does not bode well for how he would govern in the future.

Kathleen Menke

Haines, Alaska

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