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Palin's Wildlife Cartel Represents Circumnavigation of Ethics, Truth

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 26, 2008


While the whole world is going green, in a desperate attempt to save ourselves from ourselves, Governor Palin has sanctioned the massacre of adult wolves at their den-sites and then permitted the systematic execution of their pups. This action was illegal, and now they are trying to hide the facts.

Alaska has become a state which is run by and for the corporation and special interests. The only management tool the people have left is the voter-initiative process and the FBI. (Thanks, FBI).

Palin's wildlife cartel represents the greatest circumnavigation of ethics, truth, science and morality ever perpetrated on the people of Alaska by their government. Palin appointed a commissioner and Board of Game sympathetic to the special interests of the Alaska Outdoor Council and the Safari Club. Our state biologists have been reduced to hired guns. Science has been twisted or completely abandoned in favor of manipulation. Conspiracy? Psychosis? Probably both!

-- John Johnson

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