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Fish and Game Policies Reveal Another Corrupt State Agency

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 26, 2008

Predator control policies are based on junk science and Alaska fish and game consistently ignores any and all claims from scientists who do not support game fish and game policy. Their own policies reveal the contradiction and hypocrisy within the agency.

When I moved to Alaska in 2007 I contacted fish and game to obtain my wildlife rehabilitation license. Although every other state in the U.S. allows wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, I was told Alaska prohibits it.

Their official reason -- the wildlife in Alaska is "so balanced" that wildlife rescue is not needed. However when it comes to capriciously slaughtering predators, the official reason is that prey species populations are grossly out of balance and human intervention is needed.

Which is it fish and game, balanced or unbalanced? Why are predators blamed when wolves and bears kill injured, weak, and old animals, while sport hunters kill healthy males that are needed for "balanced" reproduction?

Fish and game wildlife policies reveal yet another corrupt Alaskan government agency that operates not based on the will of the people but by personal desire for power and the preservation of an antiquated culture founded on the consumption of every possible natural resource.

-- Jessica Teel
Anchor Point

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