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Fish and Game Commissioner Shows How Government Works

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / August 24, 2008


Thanks for allowing our esteemed commissioner of Fish and Game Denby Lloyd to share his viewpoint in your Compass section on Friday. He states that they had no offers from zoos in taking in the wolf pups that were put down during a recent "predator control" program. Earlier this week two zoos stated publicly that they where never contacted about placement. In order for a zoo to be successful in placing the pups, they would probably need to know about their availability while they were still alive.

When he discusses people who suggest there was a cover-up in the killing of the pups, Lloyd states no one from the public voiced concern until weeks after the incident. It's hard for the public to voice an opinion about an issue that is not made public till after it occurs.

Mr. Lloyd suggests this is all a misunderstanding. I think its another example of the usual "clear and transparent" government actions we have become accustomed to. Keep up the good work, Mr. Lloyd.

-- Doug Lyon

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