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Letters / Juneau Empire / August 24, 2008

Letter to the editor

The Palin Administration, Alaska Outdoor Council, and the Board of Game form a cabala whose last interest is honoring the will of Alaskan voters. As it applies to airborne predator killing, that will was made clear in 1996 and 2000.

Most of the scientific community have condemned the Board of Game's extreme, inadequately monitored, airborne killing programs. This condemnation list includes biologists within ADF&G, who must remain silent. The extreme nature of this crusade was underscored recently with the killing of 14 pups, pulled from their dens. We're not being told the extraction method (meat on a treble Hook?). Initially ADF&G "forgot" to tell us it even happened. And they didn't bother to call the Zoo about something Alaskans could have enjoyed for years.

Isn't it interesting that the ADF&G chose the time period just before an election to engage in a massive, unprecedented, and one sided "education" campaign about the joys of private pilots and their shotgunner sidekicks blasting away from aircraft? Just a coincidence thepublic and APOC are told. Anyone actually believing that please stop reading now and get back to explaining how global warming is just a myth.

Win or lose on Ballot Measure 2, it's time to reconfigure the Board of Game to be legally mandated to represent all Alaskans, not just the extremists within the hunting community. I intend to push for just such an initiative.

John Toppenberg
Anchorage AK

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