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Ballot 2: Vote Yes

Letters / Peninsula Clarion / August 23, 2008

Ballot 2: Vote yes. Man is the only animal on the planet that kills for sport, including killing his own kind for sport. And the state of Alaska pays people, who enjoy killing for sport, gasoline and money, which the Alaska Board of Game calls "predator control."

Moreover, the state sanctions and pays for killing these animals (including nursing mothers) and their young in their dens, and/or for running them to exhaustion and killing them from airplanes, helicopters, snowmachines and other vehicles.

Even though Gov. Palin says Frank Murkowski is her antithesis, in many ways she is his exact image, eg, fires people on a whim (like Monegan (Palin) and like Irwin (Murkowski), both are intellectually dishonest, both enthusiastically support killing wolves and bears by any means available, both support the Alaska mining industry and pollution mixing zones in salmon spawning streams (Ballot Measure 4), both do little to encourage or regulate responsible development in Alaska, and both have almost a total lack of management experience (people and programs). "Beauty" is only skin deep, and more and more people are beginning to realize that about Palin.

Richard Hahn


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