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Greed is the True Threat to Subsistence Hunting

Letters / Juneau Empire / August 18, 2008

Letter to the Editor.

Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2. Controlling a thing by flying over it and killing it is inhumane and outright wrong. The proponents of this inhumane practice are all saying that people who live in the cities should go out into the Bush and practice subsistence living. In all the measures that the people of Alaska have voted on has there ever been anything that says subsistence living needs to be stopped?

Wolves are not the threat to subsistence living in bush villages. It is man's greed that has lowered the moose and caribou herds. Bush people are not getting enough food to hunt because out-of-state hunters are allowed to come to Alaska and trophy hunt. Allowing sports hunters who do not need to hunt for subsistence is the real threat. That, and not realizing that nature reorganizes itself.

Man is obsessed with killing all that is as intelligent and different from him. By saying we have dominance over everything is contrary to the natural order of the Earth. There is a big difference between domain and dominance.

Bill Burk

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