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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / August 15, 2008

To the editor:

I'm appalled by the ads aired on Channel 11 opposing aerial predator control.

Is this the best Wildlife for Alaskans and Defenders of Wildlife or other such preservationist groups can come up with to defend their position - lies and deceitfulness?

1. Alaskans did not vote on aerial wolf "hunting."

2. Neither Alaskans nor anybody else can "hunt" wildlife from the air.

3. "Hunting" grizzly bears from the air has never been legally offered.

4. The state of Alaska has never stated or implied aerial predator control was a sport or that the ethics of fair chase are in play.

The only correct information in that ad is who paid for it.

A few facts: The state of Wyoming issued the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service a permit to eradicate 63 wolves there. With the use of "aircraft." The Voters Guide booklet put out by the state says predator management is not hunting and fair chase ethics do not apply.

It's exactly like when an unfortunate citizen is attacked by a grizzly bear, or is defending his or her life or property; "Hunting ethics" and rules do not apply. Both are just tools to manage.

Besides all this, persons who purchase hunting, fishing and trapping licenses in this state pay for vast majority of the management of our wildlife resources, for the "maximum benefit of its people."

Please educate yourselves before voting. Learn how preservationist groups are wanting to let emotions and judges manage our wildlife, instead of our professional wildlife managers, who are bound by the state Constitution and regulations set forth by our Board of Game. That, in fact, is where this ballot No. 2 should be - where sound biology is debated, not emotions.

Alen Barrette, Fairbanks

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