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Vote "Yes" on Ballot Measure 2

Letters / Juneau Empire / August 14, 2008


You, an Alaska voter, are the object of a media campaign funded mainly by outside money through the Alaska Outdoors Council to influence your vote on Ballot Measure 2.

They want to convince you to vote against the measure, against sane, ethical wildlife management. They want to forget two previous votes in which a majority of your fellow Alaskans banned airborne killing.

But with the implication they speak for the average Alaskan, what do they really think of you?

The following is at the AOC Web site (until they remove it) under the article "Wolf Wars" written by AOC member, Les Palmer:

"And as before, legislators probably will 'defy the will of the people.' Why? Mainly, I think, it's because most legislators aren't emotional about predator control. Also, they've been Alaskans longer than most voters, and they know a few things most voters don't know."

The AOC is trying to court you when plainly it has no faith in your ability to make decisions on matters regarding your wildlife. They believe more in their politicians no matter what they say to us. Vote "yes" on Ballot Measure 2 so you don't lose your wildlife to the extremists of the AOC.

Art Greenwalt

Board member, Alaska Wildlife Alliance

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