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Wildlife Advocates File Complaint Against State

Channel 2 News Staff / KTUU-TV / August 14, 2008


ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- A wildlife advocacy group has accused the state of attempting to illegally influence the outcome of a vote to ban aerial hunting.

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance says the state has purchased radio ads and distributed brochures to the public in opposition to Ballot Measure 2.   

The ballot proposal would ban aerial hunting of wolves, bears and other predators unless there is deemed to be a biological emergency.   

The alliance filed a complaint with the Alaska Public Offices Commission, claiming it is illegal for the state to spend public money advocating for or against the ballot initiative unless the Legislature appropriates money for that purpose.   

Department of Fish and Game spokesman Tim Barry says state scientists and biologists feel predator control programs are effective in managing wildlife.   
He says the brochures and radio ads were created in order to "educate the public" on what the state considers "the facts" behind the programs.

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