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Wildlife Management Contradiction

Comments / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / August 10, 2008


    Mr. Brown seems to be of two opposing opinions in his letter. First...and I quote...he proclaims wildlife management to be dictated by the will of the people as in his words: " Dear Linda, this is the will of the people that the state biologists are obligated to uphold."


But then he argues that airborne killing is necessary even though it is has twice been banned by the very people whose will he feels F&G is obliged to uphold.

    He makes a second mistake in describing the opposition to airborne killing as something originating from Outside when, in fact, the ban was something only Alaskans could vote on and both times they said a resounding, "NO!" to airborne killing. Villages, professional wildlife biologists, hunters, non-hunters...Alaskans all, know it is without biological justification or support and so have refused it's use in Alaska.

    However, through money from an Outside group, Safari International, the Alaska Outdoors Council (an extremist group of only 3000 who falsely present themselves as representing the 90,000 Alaskans who hunt) has tried to buy the August election using over $600k of Outside money to do so in ads. Additionally, despite the obvious will of the people, Sarah Palin, also a member of the AOC, is using $425k of Alaskans' money in a possibly illegal propaganda effort to "educate" the public, i.e., convince them they were wrong to vote as they have.

    No, Mr. Brown.....you contradict yourself and you contradict the facts just as airborne killing contradicts sane wildlife management principles.

Dobieman, Fairbanks AK

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