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Killing Wolf Pups is Inhumane

Letters / Juneau Empire / August 5, 2008


I am 9 years old and live in Washington. I was in Alaska recently to see friends and the natural beauty of your state.

I was sad and mad when I read that state wildlife biologists killed 14 wolf pups. They said they had killed the pups' mothers, and it was more humane to shoot the pups in the head than to let them starve to death.

That was inhumane!

They should have tried very hard to find a zoo or an animal orphanage for the wolf pups. Not many children in the Lower 48 are lucky like me and have friends to show them wildlife in Alaska. They would love to see wolves in a zoo. Please don't kill wolf pups!

Lauren Bouju Davies
Mercer Island, Wash.

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