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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / August 5, 2008


I notice Ms. Entsminger was careful not to mention she is on the Board of Directors of the Alaska Professional Hunters Association, a group dedicated to killing wildlife for money.

I notice she ignores, in her tirade about the "science" of airborne killing, that just a year ago 172 professional wildlife biologists across the state and nation signed a petition protesting airborne killing as both unnecessary and unscientific.

I notice she ignores the fact that Joel Bennett, a guide, longtime Alaskan, and also former BOG member is strongly opposed to airborne killing as is Nick Jans, also a longtime Alaskan with both guiding experience and several years of village life to is his credit.

I notice Ms. Entsminger in talking about truth has chosen to ignore all these facts and one other: twice Alaskans have voted against airborne killing and both times the Alaska Outdoors Council went behind the voters' backs in a most underhanded fashion and had the Legislature reinstate it as soon as legally possible.

Oh...and I also notice Ms. Entsminger did not mention that in the 2000 election a group of hunters from the Fairbanks area submitted a petition against airborne killing.

There is nothing "brave" about shotgunning a wolf or bear you have just chased to exhaustion from an airplane. It is the worst sort of cowardice that makes all Alaskans, hunters and non-hunters, look bad.
It's a shame Ms. Entsminger in her rush to wild indignation didn't get her "facts" straight.

Dobieman / Fairbanks AK


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