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Alaska's Wildlife

Please Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 2

Alaska Center for the Environment / August 6, 2006

Alaska's Wildlife

Please Vote Yes on Ballot Measure 2

Alaska Center for the Environment / August 6, 2008

ACE recognizes the value of Alaska's wildlife resources, and as such we promote a sustainable and balanced approach to wildlife management

Support a Balanced Approach to Wildlife Management

No Aerial by Kathy Sarns

Ballot Measure No. 2: 05HUNT - Bill Amending Same Day Airborne Shooting

Ballot Measure 2 amends the current law banning same-day airborne shooting that includes grizzly bears. The bill permits the Board of Game to allow a predator control program for wolves and grizzly bears if the Commissioner of Fish and Game finds an emergency, where wolves or grizzly bears in an area are causing a decline in prey. Only employees of the Department of Fish and Game could take part in the program and only the minimum number of wolves or grizzly bears needed to stop the emergency could be removed.

A YES vote on Ballot Measure 2 will prohibit the shooting of wolves and grizzly bears from the air or by using an airplane to spot predators, land and then shoot as part of a predator control program, unless the Commissioner of Fish and Game determines, based on adequate data, that a biological emergency exists.  This bill would restore previous prohibitions on aerial wolf hunting that a majority of Alaskans passed twice through public initiative. The predator control program is a misguided policy that aims to artificially boost prey populations at great expense to the majority of Alaskans. This measure would restore some balance to Alaska's outdated wildlife management practices.

If you would like to volunteer to help support the passage of this ballot measure, please contact Valerie at valerie@akcenter.org or 274-3662.

For more information about the primary election or to sign up for an absentee ballot, go to:


Please vote YES on Ballot Measure 2

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