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Stop Predator Control Once and For All

Letters / Juneau Empire / July 29, 2008

The state Department of Fish and Game assures us that predator control is conducted in a responsible manner by responsible people.

What is responsible about killing wild animals in their wild homes just because some people have decided that the animals are making too good of a living off the land, where they have survived for centuries?

What gives us the right to manipulate the balance of nature, a balance we do not even fully understand - and one that worked well until we stepped in?

And what is responsible about tracking animals from airplanes, or holding pups hostage, or murdering a litter with no thought to humane alternatives?

These are the actions of the "responsible" people who are paid by you and me. Not only are their actions irresponsible, they are disturbing.

Who looks upon a litter of pups whose parents have just been murdered and thinks, "Let's be humane and shoot 'em in the head."

Just the thought of it makes me ashamed (though it is just as wrong to kill an adult wolf for predator control). I do not want people with that type of mentality running around with guns, must less "managing" our "resources." I definitely do not want to support their deeds with my tax dollars.

Alaskans have spoken against predator control twice, yet the powers that be, also funded by you and me, refuse to act on our will despite the fact that life on federally owned lands - where predator control is illegal - seems to be doing okay.

We are told that our state constitution gives legislators the right to use our natural resources as they deem necessary for our benefit, yet I am dismayed by the results - results that I am forced by law to fund. As a result, I am in the ludicrous position of donating to wildlife groups to try to stop the predator control in Alaska for which I pay. Clearly, our votes are not enough to halt the practice.

If some of our legislators are misinterpreting our constitution in order to continue predator control, then we must get rid of those legislators. (On the other hand, I salute the many lawmakers who oppose predator control, and I call upon them to do all they can to stop the horrible practice.) And if our constitution does, indeed, support predator control, then we must amend it.

Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2 on Aug. 26. And follow up on the issue. Do not let the government continue to ignore our voices, attempting to appease us with yet another useless vote here and there - a waste of time and money - as is predator control.

Let us face reality, accept and honor what nature provides, and treat with respect rather than arrogance. The slaughter must stop.

Tina M. Brown

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