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Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / July 30, 2008

To the editor:

Some environmentalists may be supporting Ballot Measure 2, mistakenly thinking that Measure 2 is environmentally friendly. It is not.

Measure 2 would preclude the Department of Fish and Game and the Board of Game from managing some predator-prey situations where the prey populations are impacted by excessive predation yet are very important local food resources for Alaskans. Rather than using local, naturally occurring food resources, an environmentally friendly approach, the affected Alaskans would have to use distant food resources, resources that require large expenditures of fossil fuels for production, processing, transportation and distribution.

When realizing that most of our environmental degradation is due, directly or indirectly, to our profligate use of fossil fuels, any environmentalist truly concerned about such degradation would opt for local resources, not distant ones. Moose, caribou, sheep, etc. are important local resources. We should encourage, not hinder, their use. Vote against Ballot Measure 2.

Sam Harbo, Fairbanks

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