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United States Wolf Refuge / July 26, 2008

Alaska Wolf and Bear Protection Act (2008)


August 26, 2008  / Alaska Election Day

Tell everyone you can in Alaska  to

Vote "YES" on this important ballot measure

We have 1000's of email addresses and phone numbers

The government of Alaska has again initiated a program that allows the slaughter of wolves by shooting them from aircraft. The 1971 Federal Airborne Hunting Act specifically makes this illegal. Twice before the people of Alaska have overwhelming voted to halt this barbaric behavior. This is not hunting. It is murder!

Tell everyone you can about this and ask them to contact as many people in Alaska that they can reach.

Strongly urge them to vote "Yes" on this important issue

This issue is being closely looked at by the wolf opposition groups in several other states.  This is not just an Alaska issue. It is a national issue. It is an example of the most despicable, inhumane human behavior that must be stopped.

Alaska Wolf and Bear Protection Act (2008)

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The Wolf and Bear Protection Act is an initiated state statute that would prohibit shooting of a free-ranging wolf, wolverine, or grizzly bear the same day that the person has been airborne.

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William E. Chamberlain, Jr.
Curator & Director of Operations

United States Wolf Refuge

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