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Hunt Less, Let Nature Balance Herds

Letters / Juneau Empire / July 25, 2008

I am a seventh-grade student at Floyd Dryden Middle School. I read the article in Sunday's newspaper about the adult wolves and pups that were killed in the Alaska Peninsula just to boost the caribou herd. I was very disappointed of what I read and learned. The thought of what the people did took a big chunk out of my heart.

I think the best solution to managing the caribou herd is to limit the dates when people can hunt in a particular area, or better yet, completely close off an area to hunting. This should give the caribou time to breed and increase the herd.

The wolves will only kill as many caribou needed to feed their pack. I believe that people do not need to kill wolves to solve this problem.

Nature will balance the caribou herds and wolf packs. We do not need to interfere, but just back off in the amount of hunting that is done in areas where herd populations are diminishing.

Misha Culver

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