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State Should Not Go 'Denning' for Wolves

Letters / Juneau Empire / July 24, 2008

The Department of Fish and Game's killing of four-week-old wolf pups in the name of predator control is utterly horrific. This past June on the Alaska Peninsula, two litters of young pups, scarcely able to walk, were taken from their dens and each one shot in the head, execution style.

Even worse, the pups were essentially used as bait. The adults would not desert their babies and were gunned down by their dens. This marks the first time in the history of Alaska predator control that Fish and Game has practiced "denning" - the deliberate targeting of infant wolf pups. The biologists and the board of game knew exactly what they were doing.

Everyone who knows anything about wolves knows that every pack has pups in May and June. So the whole thing was premeditated. Then Fish and Game representatives had the nerve to say they "humanely" put the pups to death. Thanks! How kind!

I and tens of thousands of Alaskans resent state money being used to fund this low-minded, despicable and cruel behavior.

"Only" animals? And all for scientific wildlife management? Even a 2-year-old could tell you this was just plain wrong.

Twice Alaskans have voted down killing predators from aircraft, by wide margins. Why won't the Alaska Legislature listen to the will of the people? What part of "no" don't they understand?

It's time to put an end to this barbaric nonsense once and for all. Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2 this Aug. 26. It's time for this sick killing to stop.

Sherrie Jans

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