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Somewhere Government Lost its Ability to Set Proper Priorities

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 10, 2008


When did government stop being "By the People, For the People, Of the People" and become a corporation? Our state is awash in money, yet senior citizens pay $5 (per month) to play cards at the Center.

We have enough money to hire helicopters to slaughter wolves from the air, but we don't fund the ferry system that provides transportation, supplies and services to remote areas.

The state spends $400,000 on "educating" the people of Alaska to the benefits of aerial wolf shooting, when we've voted it down twice!

But no one talks about the jobs and industry created by the construction of windmill farms, solar energy, geothermal plants and tidal current turbines.

How come we can send out $100 a month to help with energy bills, but our roads are pot holes and ruts and we have no plan for mass public transportation -- think monorails or bullet trains -- that ease congestion, save money and are more healthy? What happened to our government? What has happened to us?

--Barbara Reilly

Anchorage AK

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