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Photo of Wolf with Snare Injury in Alaska's Denali National Park

May 7, 2008

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The attached image is of a wolf that was snared just outside the park, but it was able to break the snare loose from the brush, that the snare was attached to. In so doing it dragged the snare from its neck, causing the injury that you see in the photo. The wolf was snared just outside the park (the targeting of park wolves) and came into the park and NPS darted, removed the snare, and gave the wolf antibiotics and then released it.

Usually, NPS does not go to such extremes when an animal is injured, but when the animal's injury is caused by humans and when there is a very good chance that visitors would see the wolf dragging the snare behind it, they decided to become involved. Needless to say, visitors will certainly see this injury. Should make for a very lively discussion on Tour.

This is a great example of how snaring/trapping is cruel to these animals. Some trappers do check their traps and snares daily or every few days, others may not check them for weeks. Keep in mind, that snaring and trapping does not discriminate between animals. Anything that steps into it, (its common for dogs) can be snared or trapped.

Dr. Albert shown in the photograph is the vet that treated the wolf.

Alaska is advancing its wolf aerial/land and shoot hunting of wolves and they are also increasing their baiting of bears (in unit 16 - this includes black bear males, females & cubs). This is being done primarily to try to increase moose and caribou populations for urban and out of state hunters to shoot.

Source:  John Toppenberg / Alaska Wildlife Alliance / May 7, 2008

Send comments to:  "Governor Sarah Palin" <governor@gov.state.ak.us>

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