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Listen Up, Bunde:  We 'Whimsical' Voters Don't Want Aerial Wolf Kills

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 7, 2008


I recently sent a public opinion message to Sen. Con Bunde asking him to favor the ban on continued aerial wolf hunting. In response, he sent me a letter saying "I believe that wildlife management decisions should be based on sound science and not the whims of current public opinion."

"The whims of current public opinion"! Excuse me, but I believe we, the voters, twice voted against aerial hunting and we currently have over 50,000 signatures garnered against aerial hunting for the next public ballot. Have our legislators forgotten who they work for? Aren't they supposed to represent us and our views down there in Juneau?

Since the Game Board now includes big game guides who stand to profit from aerial wolf kills, somebody must be getting fat from turning a deaf ear to the voice of the people.

-- Carol J. Fuller

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