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Palin Blocks Right to Vote on Hunting

Letters / Juneau Empire / April 6, 2008

Alaska residents are about to lose their right to vote on Alaska issues in which Gov. Sarah Palin has a special interest.

She's stopping the democratic initiative process by supporting House Bill 256 (already passed) and next her companion Senate Bill 176.

If passed, this will take away Alaskans' right to vote on the aerial wolf kill initiative and remove sound science from predator control allowing same-day airborne killing of wolves and bears. If passed, this will give her friends at the Alaska Outdoor Council and Board of Game free reign to kill Alaska's predators regardless of their actual impact on prey populations.

Palin has repeatedly stated she wants an administration responsive to Alaskans, but more than 56,000 Alaskans signed petitions to have the aerial predator measure put on the ballot (for a third time); Palin does not want you to vote on it.

If her bill passes it will be the beginning of the end of Alaskans' right to the initiative process. Your only recourse would be a Board of Game populated almost entirely by outdoor council members. They can and do often pass regulations in defiance of what the majority of Alaskans want and what scientists have said, as shown both times Alaskan voters banned aerial hunting.

Please contact your state senator about stopping SB176. E-mail at http://www.legis.state.ak.us/poms/ or call your senator toll-free.

Contact them now so you can have your vote later.

Kathy Sarns Irwin

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